Calgary Dental Emergency

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Calgary Dental Emergency

Tips To Apply During A Calgary Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can sometimes be terrible, particularly those that come with serious pain. Although the experience is often times not pleasant, the severity of the problem does not match the other forms of medical emergencies. But it is still important to call the dentist when such dental emergencies arise. In cases where your dentist is not readily available below are a few tips that you can apply during a Calgary dental emergency;

1) Swollen face:

This is one of the most serious dental emergencies that you can contend with. A swollen face could be caused by an infection in the tooth, gum or bone. This condition typically does not get better on its own and would need an immediate response by a dentist.

If you find yourself in such Calgary dental emergency then it is advisable you don't wait for anything, go and see a dentist right away. An infection can be lethal. In the meantime, try to stay as hydrated as possible and also, whatever you do, don't lie flat, stay upright even when you sleep.

2) Knocked tooth:

If due to some form of an accident your tooth get knocked off then you have two options. Firstly, if the accident has been awhile and you probably can't find the missing tooth then you will have to go for an implant. An implant will help to fill the space where the root should have been in the gum.

Secondly, if the accident happened within the hour then there is a good likelihood you can have the tooth reimplanted. This eliminates your need for an implant. Tooth reimplantation is simple. Pick the tooth up by the crown (the side you use in biting) and try placing it back to where it falls from. You should not touch the root of the tooth, this damages the tissue that is needed for implantation. As a guide, you should look at the teeth on the other side of the mouth to know how the tooth should fit in. You should take absolute care not to fit the tooth the wrong way.

3) Broken, cracked or chipped tooth:

Each of this Calgary dental emergency has its own solution. In the case of a small crack, a dental filling will be needed. If a large piece was affected, then a new crown will be needed. A tooth extraction and implant are needed for a cracked tooth, while a broken crown will need to be fixed or replaced.

If after the accident there is no pain then you are lucky, this gives you ample time for proper care. Sensitivity is however expected in a broken tooth. Such sensitivity to cold and heat reveals that the piece that broke off is large enough to expose the inner part of the teeth called the dentin. This sensitivity will go after a few hours or days as saliva helps to remineralize the area.

4) Bleeding from the mouth:

Bleeding from the mouth can be due to a chronic or acute condition. If you observe bleeding during flossing or brushing then it could point to gum disease or gingivitis. Blood in the saliva is a more serious case and it could be the result of an advanced stage of cancer or gum disease.

For a bloody toothbrush, book an appointment with your dentist so you can be treated for gum disease. Untreated, this condition can lead to future loss of teeth. If you find that bleeding refuses to stop after a tooth extraction procedure, then you should immediately contact the dentist that carried out the procedure. But before then ensure to keep your head elevated at all times.


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