P orcelain Veneers not only make you look your best but you will feel more fabulous and complete!! This procedure is used both for health and cosmetic reasons to rejuvenate your smile to that smile you always wanted.

A Porcelain Veneer is an ultra-thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to your teeth permanently. They enable you to change the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth to match your lips and your face. The outcome is exceptional and can last over 25 years.

Veneers are typically bonded to your teeth and not cemented for lasting results. Veneers procedure rejuvenates your smile, your personality and your life.

Porcelain Veneers are recommended for a variety of dental conditions such as uneven tooth surface and space between teeth, worn out or chipped or fractured teeth, stained or discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, short teeth that are too small or long teeth which are too prominent, crooked teeth etc. They are more durable and effective if the preparation is in enamel and not dentin. Porcelain Veneers are more conservative procedure than Dental crowns.

Porcelain veneer onlays is another procedure done utilizing veneers with composite bonding to close gaps, fix chipped teeth, to cover discoloration and to replace the traditional mercury silver fillings in your back teeth.

Lumineers are considered as a sub category of porcelain veneers in which by definition, no tooth structure is removed, and a thin shell of porcelain is added to the existing tooth and can appear to be little bulky, and over contoured. However Lumineers can be a benefit in selected smile designs if the teeth are inclined “inward”, and if the existing occlusion and bite allows a lumineer to be placed. Lumineers are not indicated for teeth that are severely worn down due to grinding and clenching unless the individual is going to have all upper and lower teeth redone. Lumineer is not the ideal choice of treatment if teeth are crowded.

Porcelain Veneers and bonding compared

Veneers resist staining as opposed to dental bonding procedure. On the other hand, the dental bonding procedure is a quick and ideal way to correct minor flaws, cracks or areas of discoloration. Cosmetic Dental bonding can be used to repair a chipped porcelain veneers also.

You can transform your worn out dentistry to a new mouth via Custom Veneers. We provide internal Layering porcelain technique for veneer procedures to create polychromatic natural results and pleasing to the eyes.