Sleep Apnea

Are you getting quality sleep? A small oral appliance can help

Snoring usually occurs when you relax, which causes your lower jaw and tongue to drop against the back of your throat, constricting your airway and reducing your oxygen. To combat this, your breathing intensifies, causing the soft tissues at the back of your throat to vibrate.

But, for more than 22 million Americans, their breathing can stop repeatedly during sleep – sometimes hundreds of times per night. More than half of their sleep time is oxygen-deprived. They wake up unrefreshed and can fall asleep during the day, sometimes even behind the wheel. For them, it’s not “just” snoring. They suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – and up to 80% of those with mild to moderate OSA remain undiagnosed.

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ll know that:

Quality Sleep Offers:

Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-Being Improves Brain Functions Enhanced learning / Memory Functions Better Emotional Control Physical Health More Energy Tissue Growth / Repair Muscle Development Balanced Health Normal Blood Sugar Level Healthy Hormone Balance Better Appetite Control Healthy Immune System Daytime Performance More Productive at Work and School Faster Reaction Time Fewer Mistakes

▸ Sleep Apnea Symptoms: Brain Related Snoring Choking / Gasping Dry Mouth / Sore Throat Stroke Insomnia Daytime Sleepiness Depression / Mood Swings Memory Problems Heart Related Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Irregular Heartbeat Others Diabetes Obesity Chronic Acid Reflex Increased Appetite / Calorie Intake For Men Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence Frequent Urination at night For Women Higher Level of Fatigue, Tiredness, Lack of Energy, Restless Legs, Depression, Insomnia

▸ Children & Apnea OSA is more common among kids and teens than you might think. During the day, kids with apnea may:

experience headaches, particularly in the morning feel cranky and quarrelsome daydream or fall asleep breathe through the mouth and speak nasally have difficulty with schooling or socializing.

▸ Benefits Of Sleep Apnea Therapy: For years the gold standard of treatment has been a bulky CPAP machine that pumps a continuous flow of air through the mask to help you breathe through the night. Unfortunately, many people cannot tolerate a CPAP machine and they are not easily portable for traveling.

We’re proud to offer an alternative … a small custom-fitted oral appliance that repositions your jaw during sleep, allowing your airways to remain open and your breathing to stay consistent – so you can have a restful night’s sleep.

▸ Benefits Of Sleep Apnea Therapy: Reduce risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, morning headaches, memory loss, irritability … and more Improve daytime alertness, concentration, mood, and mental health stability Reduced medical expenses due to complications.

▸ Advantages Of Oral Appliance Therapy over CPAP: Ease of use – no wires, hoses, or water reservoirs as with CPAP machines Small size that’s easy to slip into your purse or satchel Higher compliance means higher chance of effective treatment and improved health. If you or your partner suspect sleep apnea, talk to us. We will ensure you receive the easy testing and treatment you need and deserve!

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*Sleep Apnea and related Disorders can be treated at this office with custom oral devices. No CPAP and cumbersome hoses. Contact us immediately