Many new parents ask me, “When should I bring my infant for dental check-up?” American Dental Association suggests bringing your child to dentist office when first tooth erupts. While they may seem very young to some parents, but their initial visits are to familiarize them to the dental environment. We encourage parents to bring their kids to our dental office when they come to our office for their own dental work. We treat them as friends and offer them small toys and establish a rapport. We also provide coloring pages teaching them teeth. Dr. Sandhu has reared three kids of her own and knows child’s perceptions and fears. We start with oral hygiene and brushing habits.

Baby teeth are required to be in good shape before the permanent teeth erupt. Neglected cavities lead to problems which affect developing permanent teeth. Secondly, baby teeth are important to hold the space for permanent teeth and normal development of the jaw bone and muscles. We help you to assist the child in maintenance of baby teeth.

Permanent teeth erupt at age 6 and 12. We provide you the know-how to reduce tooth decay. Sealants seal the grooves in the permanent teeth and guard against tooth decay. We recommend sealants to be applied at proper time.


We educate kid by providing coloring books and kids’ movies. We also advise parents on disease prevention, good eating habits and good dental health.


We advise parents on good oral care habits, importance of sealants and fluorides, baby bottle tooth decay, bruxism and thumb sucking

We provide comprehensive dental care including

  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Space maintainers
  • Dental injury treatment
  • thumb-sucking appliances
  • pulpal therapy: Pulpotomy, pulpectomy, Stainless crowns
  • Preventive care: X-rays, teeth cleaning
  • Orthodontics
    Stage I: Early dentition, 2-6 years
    Stage II: Mixed dentition, 6-12 years
    Stage III: Adolescent dentition deals with permanent teeth
  • Sedation Dentistry