Orthodontics for children and adults

Why are crooked teeth a problem?

When teeth are not aligned properly in your mouth, they create what we call “malocclusion”. If this is not treated in timely manner, it will lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws.

Dr Sandhu has been treating patients with:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Deep Bite
  • Open Bite
  • Cross bite
  • Excessive Overjet
  • Edge to edge bite

Using traditional braces (wires) and invisible braces (Invisalign)since 2001. The orthodontic corrections are done usually by extraction of teeth to create space and/or by expansion of arch or palate. Dr. Sandhu prefers expansion method.

Sometimes she prefers two-stage orthodontic intervention in guiding growth of teeth in children. First stage is accomplished using palatal expanders and twin blocks. Second stage is traditional brackets and wires or Invisalign.